Wednesday 9 March 2016

Rolo Chocolate Brownies

Oh I do love a brownie - the squidgier the better!I have yet to replicate the perfect salted caramel brownie that I had from a local bakery here in Leamington called Haddie and Trilby.
For Valentines day I thought I would have a go at a romantic Rolo Brownie - one of my favourite bloggers is Holly Bell one of the GBBO contestants and in her blog she is always doing a special take on Brownies - Mars Bar Brownies , Oreo Peanut Butter Brownies , Double Decker Brownies, PBJ brownies  and a festive one Mince Pie Brownies so that made me think that I should have a go with one of my favourite and romantic chocolates... The Rolo. I used a tried and tested recipe for Brownies from Rachel Allen and just added Rolos.....
They turned out delicious - lovely and goey with a chocolate overload!! I will make these again.

I used 3 tubes of Rolos..... Doesn't look like a lot in the bowl.... I may have had a couple just to make sure they tasted ok!

All melted and ready for the cake tin....

 All ready for the oven - (I made it look all lovely and neat with my Rolos and then forgot to take a photo until I had poured over the second half of the batter!)

Close up of Rolos.

One left - just for me !!!

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  1. They look and sound amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. :)