Monday 18 April 2016

A Bundt Cake

On my food lists of things to do this year was to make a Bundt Cake - I love how pretty they look and all the delicious flavours you can use to make them. I have been slightly put off by the price of the tins but I was very lucky to have won a Bake Box which is a box full of  everything you need to make some delicious cakes , in the box was a silicon Bundt dish!!! I was so excited to have won a competition and then to have a Bundt dish in it - well I was over the moon! All the things in the bake box are amazing and the recipes are all things that I have wanted to make but always looked a little too daunting. The recipes are easy to follow and include the specialised equipment that you would need.
So first off it was the Bundt Cake!!!

The recipe was an easy one - my big concern was how was it going to come out of the mould without breaking!!!

But I followed the recipe to the letter and it said to oil the mould and to leave the cake to cool for 30 minutes before you turn it out and look ! It worked!!!  was sooooooo pleased with myself and delighted at how it turned out - I love it! I decorated it with a white chocolate icing and some pomegranate seeds.

No stopping me now... going to look for another Bundt recipe!

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  1. Wow! Beautiful! I love this food! It looks nice and delicious! ^^ Thank your sharing!