Sunday 26 June 2016

Custard Creams and Bourbon Biscuits

I am so slow at blogging! These biscuits are from a couple of months ago - as some of you are aware I belong to a baking group which I love - it is a group of amateur bakers and we meet once a month. Each month has a theme and we are all encouraged to bring a bake sweet or savoury on that theme. Aprils' theme (yes long ago! have been to 2 since then!!) was Best of British I thought long and hard and decided to make Bourbon Biscuits and Custard Creams. I always tend to do a sweet bake ! We also try and make something at each meeting and we made scones. I do love a scone and I don't tend to make them but I had forgotten how delicious they were and have vowed to make some more!

At the time of this event we had moved out of our flat and were renting a friends house for a few weeks whilst we waited to move into our 'Forever Home' which meant that all of my cookbooks were in storage!!!! This was an absolute nightmare for me as I love my books and hate to be parted from them ( we also didn't have a dishwasher which was another crisis! Washing up!!! ) So that meant that I had to use the good old internet for a recipe. 

I decided to use a recipe from a blog as this gives you more of an idea on how to make them and they tend to let you know of any tips and hints. So the recipe I chose for the Bourbons is from Choclette who blogs at Tin and Thyme I am a regular reader of hers and it was lovely to be able to use one of her recipes. In her recipe she adds A Wee Dram to them but I didn't have any alcohol so mine were plain! I also didn't have a special cookie cutter so had to do hearts
They were easy to make thankfully as I was on a bare minimum mixer/utensil mission as it was all in storage! I didn't realise that Golden Syrup was used in these so had to buy some and it came in this lovely commemerative tin which was an added bonus.

 I made a lot of them as there are a lot of people at the baking club and they all like to try everything! I had to do them in batches as there were so many of them and burnt some of them as I wasn't used to the oven!

The custard creams came from Nigellas blog  They were also incredibly easy to make and again I didn't have the correct cutter so they became hearts too.
Both of the biscuits were British to the core using Golden Syrup and Birds Custard.
They tasted delicious and were eaten by the group with glee . I didn't realise just how easy they were to make and I have put the cookie stamps on my Christmas List so that I can make some more.

And not forgetting my homemade scones!!

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