Wednesday 12 October 2016

Flamingo party for a 4 year old

So Molly has turned 4 and wanted a flamingo party! Ok that is different! I thought she would like a Princess or Frozen party ! Those are her 2 main loves at the moment but she decided on Flamingos after seeing them at the Zoo over the summer.

So I went into overdrive mode and scoured pinterest and Google for ideas and surprisingly there are lots of 4 year olds having Flamingo parties!

I bought Flamingo napkins and straws and then made some Flamingo bunting and Flamingo Cake. We also had a few inflatable flamingos around the room. We played pin the tail on the Flamingo! Flamingo musical statues and the good old Pass the Parcel which I always find quite stressful remembering who has had a go and making sure no one is left out!! This time I was prepared! Every time a child took off a layer I gave them a sticker (flamingo of course!) Genius! worked a treat, I also used this technique for other games and they were all covered in stickers by the end of the party!.

I like any excuse to make bunting as I find it so satisfying! I made lots of it but forgot to take a photo of it strung up..

The best bit for me was getting Molly involved in making the party bags. I took the idea off of Pinterest and used a pink cupcake case and then painted pink on for the rest of the Flamingo. Molly loved it and we were a proper production line as we made 17 of them! Across the middle I wrote the name of each child .

 Inside the party bags were the usual stickers, sweeties and bubbles - I added a cookie mix and cookie cutter for the little ones to make at home .

And finally the cake!!! Now I thought this was going to be easy..... It sort of looks like a Flamingo... Molly was thrilled with it so that is all that matters!

 And here is the birthday girl blowing out the candles

Molly had a lovely time with all her friends and some really thoughtful presents so of course we had to make thank you Flamingo cards.... Again Molly loved helping with her handprint! So pleased how they turned out....

I wonder what she will ask for next year.....

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