Thursday 1 January 2015

Father Christmas cupcakes

I made it to the local baking club this month - I have missed the last 2 months for obvious reasons ( the birth of my son Henry) but made it to the last one of the year and took Henry along with me. He was so good he was in his car seat under the table whilst I made a Father Christmas cupcake. He didn't cry once and just dozed and occasionally opened his eyes, babies are so portable at this age (he is 8 weeks old). At the end of the session I got him out and lots of people had cuddles with him most of them had forgotten that he was there as he was so quiet!
Father Christmas Cupcake!
Back to the cup cake - this is something that I would NEVER attempt so I was really pleased to be having a go , the reason I wouldn't attempt it is that you have to have a lot of patience (and time) which is something that I don't have!!!!
The class was taken by one of our fellow bakers who has her own cake business.

The main frame of the cupcake is 2 cupcakes upturned on each other covered in butter cream and then covered in fondant icing. We had such a laugh doing this everyone's Santa's came out differently and a few of them fell over with heavy heads.
Tragedy! a head fell off!
A collection of Santas

Mine on the Left with a friend

All the Santas together

This one on the tin is the instructors Santa isn't it good

As always with the baking group everyone is encouraged to bring along something they have made that we can enjoy at the end of the evening, as it was the groups first birthday it was suggested that canap├ęs were bought along. I didn't have time to make any but enjoyed everyone else's - We had sushi, apricots with cheese and nuts, salmon billinis and a variety of goats cheese/ red onions/sun-dried tomatoes in pastry cases - there was so much to choose from and of course I had to try it all! I had such a fun time and really looking forward to next months session.

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